Dr. Merschmeier + Partner GmbH
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  48151 Münster


Herbert Kissenkötter
  Michael Jäger
  Wolfgang Scheiper
  Prof. Dr. Dirk Thoms-Meyer


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Commercial registry

AG Münster, HRB 1077



Responsible supervisory authorities

Chamber of public accountants Public entity
  Rauchstraße 26
  10787 Berlin
  Tel.: +49 (30) 72 61 61 - 0
  Chamber of tax consultants Westphalia-Lippe
  Public entity
  Erphostraße 43
  48145 Münster
  Tel.: +49 (251) 4 17 64 - 0
  Montana Board of Public Accountants
  301 Southpark
  PO Box 200 513
  Helena, MT 59620-0513 / USA
  Tel.: +1 (406) 841 - 23 77


The profession of auditors is regulated by the:
  . Act on the Professional Code of Conduct of Public Auditors in Germany (WPO)
  . Statutes for auditors and chartered accountants
  . Statutes for quality control
  . Regulation on seals
  . Insurance legislation for professional liability of auditors
  For the professional code of conduct please refer to

Tax Consultant

The profession of tax consultants is regulated by the:
  . Tax consultancy act (StBerG)
  . German Tax Consultancy Act Implementation Regulation (DVStB)
  . German Federal Code of Conduct for Tax Consultants (BOStB)
  . German Tax Consultants’ Fee Act (StBGebV)
  For the professional code of conduct please refer to the home page of the German Chamber of Tax Consultants .

Certified Public Accountant

For the professional code of conduct please refer to

Design and implementation


studio be GmbH & Co. KG
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